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Microsoft is throwing the towel, Chromium killed EdgeHTML (and most other engines). MS announced that they'll start the development of a new browser on top of chromium just the way Opera and Vivaldi did.

Chrome has always been my preferred browser purely based on the embedded developer tools and the β€œChrome” first culture for website and extension compatibility.

So why is MS reinventing the wheel? Just ship Windows without a browser.

Just google it and you'll get about 66 million hits about 'being sober'. Drinking is a popular habit and the millennial's are drinking equally as much or maybe even more as their parents. Smoking is out, drinking is in.

I drank my first glass of beer at the age of 13 just to try it under supervision of my parents. It wasn't super delicious but it wasn't bad either. It is exactly like drinking your first cup of coffee. At the age of 18 I started drinking on a daily. I was a big fan of Belgian Abbey beers so I drank one Westmalle Tripel every single day. It was my way of closing the day with a delicious treat before diving into bed. For 7 years straight I managed to never ever miss a single day without drinking a beer before going to bed.

At the age of 25 I moved out of my parents house and that is where things quickly got out of hand. The first months it still was one beer a day but that rate slowly increased to 2 or sometimes 3 beers a night. And I'm not talking about those Bud light lagers but heavy Belgian Tripel beers..

At the age of 27 the beers became boring (not surprising after 9 years of drinking daily) so I started to shift towards jenevers and gins. and as one could guess it started with one glass a night and by the age of 29 I was drinking a f*cking bottle a week.

Last February I decided that I had enough and that things needed to change. The gifted bottles from Christmas where empty so it was the perfect moment quit drinking. Since that day I haven't had a serving of alcohol.

So now your expecting a story about how hard it is to quit drinking? Well let met tell you there is no story. It's actually really simple. Just don't buy any, say NO at parties and drink loads of Tea instead. That is basically it. Sure the first night feels a bit odd but you get used to it, like everything in life.

And the benefits? It saves me money and I can laugh about those who are drunk at the parties. That's about it. No magical stories about a whole different view on life, drastic changes in my body... It's just the thought of living more healthy and responsible.

What happened in Paris yesterday was something that could be expected after the demonstrations from the previous two weekends. I boggles my mind that Macron (and his government) didn't see this one coming. If you follow the trends on Twitter one could easily see that this demonstration would quickly escalate into a riot from another level.

Macron says in a statement today that the demonstrators do not want improvement, they just want chaos. This is true but I wonder if he can see that the chaos doesn't start on the streets? Social media and eastern countries are mostly responsible for these violent outbursts.

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